Training Tools: Getting a Return on Your Investment

Here’s another great article from our quarterly newsletter.

Have you purchased tools, such as authoring tools, courseware, or an LMS, and struggled with actually using them? Do you actually have an inventory of the training tools you have purchased? Not keeping an inventory that can be quickly accessed and provide valuable information is another instance of lost money that isn’t really seen but is most surely felt. Where does that “training budget” go? It is a good idea to start an “audit” of a different sort than the Legal Tech Audit. We will call this the Training Tool/Resources Audit. With recent turnover at firms and restructuring, it is often the case that new employees or employees accepting a revised role do not have a complete picture of the resources or training tools currently in place. How do you get started?

Create a workbook that contains a list of the following items:

  • eLearning Courseware; Authoring/Content Creation Tools; Audio Tools; Video Tools; Capture Tools; Learning Management System; CLE Tracking System
  • For each item, document the following: vendor, cost, usage, installations (if applicable), licensing information, expected use, last date of review, cost vs. usage.
  • Complete a review of these items every six months. Usage, expected usage, how usage and expected usage differed, are changes required, if so, what type?

Keeping an inventory and reviewing usage is a way to ensure you receive a return on your investment and know what you have available!

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