Creating a Learning Culture

These are exciting times for law firm trainers. It seems like technology audits and competencies are in the news every day. Having been an advocate for training lawyers on how best to use technology for over 12 years, I am pleased to see this shift.

But, I feel like the stories I’m reading are missing a hugely important point. Historically, law firms have not placed a high value on technology training for everyone in the firm. While audits and competencies bring attention, they don’t address the underlying issue. Firms need to redefine their culture of learning and recognize that technology skills are basic business skills and place importance on technology training efforts.

My role at TutorPro has allowed me to talk to a variety of firms giving me more insight and I wrote about creating a learning culture in ILTA’s Spring 2015 issue of Peer to Peer, The Professional Evolution. Learning must become important to everyone in the firm – from management to each individual employee. It must become as important as meeting billable goals.

To create a learning culture start with strategy and seek to understand the business. Make time for planning and set short term and long term goals for learning. You don’t create a desire for learning overnight.

Trainers need to make time for their own learning as well. A lot has changed and instructor led training is only one training tool in today’s modern workplace. Remember that you are a leader and leaders who model the desired behavior of valuing learning inspire others to value it as well.

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