Webinar: Assessment Strategies

If you are an ILTA member, we have a couple of product briefings scheduled in October. Our first webinar where we talk about assessment strategies is on Monday, October 5th at 12:00 EDT. You can head over to ILTA’s site to read more, find out the event time in your specific time zone and sign up or click the Register link below.

Session Title: Assessment Strategies for Success Instead of Failure

Session Description: Have you struggled with failed attempts at assessment in your firm? Did your assessment attempt frustrate users and have no positive impact? Perhaps you had the wrong strategy and perhaps you did not use a true assessment tool. Assessment is part of a learning strategy, not an end result of training. TutorPro, an industry leading eLearning vendor for over 25 years, has been providing meaningful training solutions, including assessment, for years. We use the only true assessment tool, the Live Content Studio. Join us and preview the legal specific, pre-defined assessments for Office 2010 and Office 2013 to help you get started. Learn how to customize those assessments or write your own. We will also demonstrate user statistics and how users REALLY learn by examining the facts…not fantasy.

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