Webinar: Learning in the Modern Workplace

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Session Title: Learning in the Modern Workplace

Date/Time: December 14th, 5pm GMT/12pm EDT

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The speed of change in business has dramatically reduced the time to competency in the modern workplace. Today a firm’s technical knowledge and capability is one of its most important and undervalued resources. Technical skills have become basic business skills. To stay competitive, legal professionals must continually learn and build new proficiencies requiring training staff to meet present and near-future learning objectives.

We must adjust our training programs to compete with distractions and lack of time for learning activities. With challenges for time and attention, create a blended learning program that incorporates microlearning, assessment and practice.

Whether you need a complete eLearning solution or you are missing a piece of the puzzle, TutorPro can help you create engaging learning experiences that reduce time to competency and provide real learning at the moment of need.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: solutions@tutorpro.com.

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