Are you ready? Ready for that LMS?

Are you ready? Is this the right one? Can we afford it? How long will it last and what will it take to replace if we don’t like it? Big questions that we ask ourselves every day in almost all areas of our lives. When it comes to selecting an LMS for your company are you taking time to ask and answer these questions?

Changing or purchasing a new LMS is a complex process.   You need to find the best fit of features for your organization, plan for moving content, consider new processes for your team and get employees excited to use your new LMS. All the while making sure you are providing value for your stakeholders.

We realized that there is a lack of effective guidance for organizations going through this process; and we are excited to announce the launch of our ground-breaking Learning Management System Toolkit developed in partnership with Michelle Spencer of LLDevNet. The toolkit will cover the entire lifecycle of your LMS from developing your strategy, selecting the right LMS for your organization, implementing and extending its reach to maintaining your LMS so that it continues to meet your needs. You’ll hear from us as we share our expertise in webinars supported by a valuable set of checklists and guides to support you through your LMS project.

Please join us on July 18th as we kick off Phase One. We’ll help you identify business drivers to help you decide if you are ready for an LMS. As well, we’ll share some techniques that help you get the buy-in and support for your project critical for helping you get the most value out of your investment. Webinar Signup

Whether you already have a solution in place, or are considering one of the many solutions on the market (including the TutorPro LMS), the Toolkit is designed to help you make the right decisions.

About the author: Tami Schiller

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