Staying Client Centric

In the Developers’ Cave we’ve been working on some new features for the next quarter. This is a really interesting challenge. We often say that our clients are essential to these processes, in this brief post we’re going to explain just how critical they are to the success of all our new features and products.Cave_Man_at_Computer

We always try to be listening to our clients. The day they decide to join the TutorPro family we ask them why they chose our solution when there are so many other great products on the market. We really take on board their feedback and ensure we’re always enhancing whatever it is that led the client to making that decision. We also try to understand what makes potential clients go elsewhere, and some are kind enough to be open about their decision.

Having joined the TutorPro family we then try to understand what more our clients feel we could do for them, including asking them for informal feedback whenever there is an opportunity to do so. When there are a critical mass of the more complex informal requests we put out a survey to our clients with the list of potential new features to allow them to tell us what matters most, and with a request that anyone who would like to be more involved get back to us.

On the last questionnaire many of our clients told us they were really passionate about getting more detailed ratings and feedback from their users. We have now begun the process of picking up the phone to those clients, sometimes more than once, and reaching a consensus on the really granular detail of the new features. This process ensures that when we bring out a major new feature, it is not just the result of one client suggestion or of a short questionnaire, but of in-depth and lengthy discussions. We believe this means that the features we come out with are the best possible options to offer our clients, because they’re not just client requested or suggested, they’re really client developed!

So now we’re back to the Cave for more Redbull and some Oreos – if you would like to know more about what we could do for you, please email our VP Client Success Claire Loram on or call her on +1 (312) 544-0087- she’ll be really happy to chat with you on our behalf!

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