Getting Creative with an LMS

At Team TutorPro HQ this week we’ve been stretching our brain cells laterally, ‘extending’ them if you will. This lateral thinking has been inspired by a particular member of our client family; leading global retail consultancy Martec-International. If you missed their recent awesome case study you can find it here.shutterstock_281612654

This idea of using a Learning Management System (LMS) to create a marketplace got us thinking about what an LMS actually does, or could do… This may seem just a little self-evident, but bear with us! Yes, the name does give us a clue, an LMS is a platform for centralizing learning. However that is a broad definition, and doesn’t tell us much about the potential applicability or reach of a system. For Martec an LMS enabled the creation of an online marketplace. What could it do for you?

One interesting trend in the learning, and eLearning, space is ‘extended enterprise’ learning. The current definition of ‘extended enterprise’ appears to be engaging learners who are not employees, or members, of your organization. We have several current client family members who use our LMS for that purpose successfully. One client uses our LMS to deliver business critical competency courses for their customers.

This led us thinking about another route – what if you wanted an innovative way to manage risk in your supply chain? What if you had partners whose ethics, governance, and other core competencies you needed to be assured of in order for your business to be successful? This is a really smart use of an extended enterprise LMS, especially because several solutions (including TutorPro LMS) allow for a new approach to the learning cycle. They enable you to first test where the learner’s knowledge is at, and then pinpoint the specific gaps which are left to reach for the learner to achieve the required competency. This way you can use the LMS for achieving two key business goals. Firstly you ensure that your external partners are fulfilling the requirements of the relationship. Secondly you are giving them all the tools to support success and moving a relationship from the potentially adversarial to one of true partnership – win-win.

This is just one idea – we’d love to hear more ideas for the creative use of an LMS. In fact we have a $10 Starbucks voucher that will be sent to the person who mails us back with the best one!

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