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A new client recently shared their thoughts on why they selected us. Not only was it really nice of them to be so complimentary, but their thoughts contain some insight for those looking to improve their law firm’s training and development. The firm in question, understandably, has a policy of not publicly identifying strategic relationships. However the authors of these quotes have kindly offered to have an informal conversation with anyone who would like to confirm the truth of their experience. Just contact Claire Loram our VP Client Success for more info. Here’s what their Learning and Development Manager said.

The Client:


As the Learning and Development Manager at a law firm with over 1,000 people in 15 offices across the United States, and a very limited number of training staff and budgetary restrictions, we clearly need to find an innovative and effective way to deliver content. In performing diligent research, speaking with many providers, watching countless demos, and weighing all of our options, we have decided that TutorPro is the way to go.

Finding a Legal-specific Solution:

Between attending training conferences, speaking with others, and conducting research as to what is out there, I was frustrated with several things. First off, a lot of content providers and LMS providers focus on Human Resource, Workplace Safety, and Sales training. Working at a law firm, however, our training is mostly centered around software applications. Some providers stated, “Well, we can probably check into quickly putting together some content for you on Microsoft Word or Windows.” Clearly, that won’t fly. Also, having implemented an LMS previously and deciding that it wasn’t as robust and as good a fit as we had hoped, I was lucky that the firm allowed us to get the proverbial “second bite at the apple.” I have been determined that, no matter how long it takes, we wouldn’t consider implementing a new platform unless it met all (or a large percentage) of our needs, was user-friendly (e.g., easy for attorneys), and effective.

Angels Singing…

Many of the products I viewed were basic, had a few “bells and whistles,” and perhaps would have sufficed. Then I contacted TutorPro (cue the angels singing in the background). We have seen several demos of different aspects of the platform, have asked for more demos to get our Recruiting & Development Director and Human Resources Director on board, and our mouths all were literally hanging open. With each demo and each click of the mouse we have become more and more impressed. Other than the fact that over 90 percent of TutorPro’s clients are law firms, which means that their content not only includes Windows, Office, and Adobe, but also our document management system, several software applications used by our Litigation Practice Support Group, etc. Regarding the functionality itself, certainly the TutorPro LMS provides reporting capabilities and content provision. I certainly wouldn’t consider buying a car that doesn’t have wheels, so these aspects of the product are standard.

Going the Extra Mile:

What TutorPro also has, however, is something called Live Content Studio (I need those angels again, please). When viewing the TutorPro courses, users have the ability to, what I will call “try and learn” as they go through the lessons. This can be anything as simple as “Click the red box to continue” or “use the keyboard shortcut, not the mouse, to perform this task.” Moreover, and one of the greatest and most innovative features around, is that we can utilize this Live Content Studio in our own, home-grown courses/videos as well. We can cater this “live learning” based on what we feel is important to our learners. We’re not stuck with generalized, basic “Click here to do this” type learning (although that certainly is available and is effective for basic learning). We can use our creativity and knowledge regarding our firm-specific applications and our learners to customize these learning modules to meet our specific needs. What is also extremely impressive and, I’ll again use the word “innovative,” is that using this Live Content Studio module is simple. No college degree or advanced certifications are necessary to create/edit content.

Mesmerized by eLearning

Again, watching the demo mesmerized me, so I asked for another demo with both our Learning and Development Director as well as one of our trainers/eLearning specialist. They were both in awe of this technology as well. It is almost incomprehensible to think that we can, within our own eLearning courses, cater the learning to be so specific so as to ensure effective learning as opposed to simply watching (or not watching) a video. These “click, do, and learn” features are a technological innovation that we plan to put to use right away. Our firm has made the decision to move forward with TutorPro and our eLearning specialist asks me at least three times each week, and I quote, “When are we getting TutorPro?” (Say that to yourself with a whiny voice, but a voice of excitement and intrigue, and that’s what I’m hearing far too often). We are looking forward to a wonderful, longstanding partnership with TutorPro and I am excited to see the reactions on the faces of our attorneys and staff when they begin the learning process with this new platform.


Wow! We really are speechless here at Team TutorPro HQ and we really look forward to justifying the immense compliment this client and his team has paid us. We believe we are a client focused and driven firm and look forward to solidifying this relationship. We can’t say we’re not blushing a little here right now!

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