What Do ILTACON and TutorPro Have In Common?

They are both focused on learning!People connected sharing communicating

If you know me, you know that I love to learn new things and that’s why I love being a part of Team TutorPro.  And that’s what makes the International Legal Technology Association’s annual conference, ILTACON, a highlight event in my year. ILTACON is a four-day education conference packed with more than 200 sessions delivered mostly by the members.  I’ve already been browsing the sessions and filling my days with content that reflect the needs for our client family and my curiosity of how technology changes how work gets done.

Conferences are a valuable independent learning resource for today’s modern learner. To make the most of your time at conference spend a few minutes to come up with a game plan.  What sessions will you attend?  What sessions do you think you might want to listen to when you get home from conference?  How do you plan to take notes?  Where can you carve out time to reflect on what you’ve learned?  What do you plan to do with this new information?

I’m already experimenting with the new inking options on my Surface Book.  Research suggests that we retain information better when we handwrite our notes. If I’m feeling particularly creative, I’ve downloaded a drawing app and might give sketchnoting a go for a session or two.  I’ll have paper and pen ready when the battery dies on my laptop though.  That’s my “trainer-training” at work.  Always be prepared for when things go wrong.

To aid in retaining what we learn, we need to find ways to reflect.  Find a buddy to share your experiences. A good conversation helps us make deeper connections with our new memories to our old memories. ILTACON offers so many ways to connect and network with other attendees.  Attending alone but feel the need to share?  Download the ILTA 2016 Event app. You’ll find a robust activity feed where you can share your newly found knowledge with the rest of the ILTA community.   And, of course, while you get ready for a new day of learning, you can reflect back on the day before and all the new things you learned.

In ILTA’s own words:

“ILTACON is where we share and learn about what’s ahead and how to succeed in driving and embracing change within our teams, our organizations and the industry.”

Share what you learn when you get back home. It’s how you’ll turn a spark of an idea into action.  We become the agent of change in our organizations.

Everyone on Team TutorPro has started their final countdown to ILTACON 2016.  We are finishing up our to-do lists and imaging all the wonderful conversations we’ll have with our client family and ILTA community next week.  Drop by booth 534 to join the conversation.  We’ll be waiting for you!

About the author: Tami Schiller

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