Reflections on ILTACON

ILTACON 2016 is winding down; and as always, ILTACON has been an amazing experience.  Team TutorPro landed on Saturday and spent some quality time catching up and increasing our strong team bond.  We’ve been networking, spending time with our client family, making new friends and sharing with our peers from the minute we landed. ILTACON 2016 Logo

The conversations we’ve had in our booth have been both entertaining and educational for us.  There seems to be a renewed buzz and energy for learning this year.  Monday,  we dressed up to represent our client family at the vendor event.  Laughed with our ILTA peers at the awards ceremony  when we recognized that we were nerds on Tuesday.  While we didn’t win in our award category, we were honored to be shortlisted as Vendor Consultant of the Year.

If you walked anywhere close to the room where we held our Client Appreciation Reception, you heard boisterous conversations and laughter.  So as we wind down and are in our final moments, I took a few minutes to ask my teammates for their personal reflections to share with you.

Ollie is new to our team and it’s his first ILTACON.  He’s attended lots of conferences for various industries and it’s safe to say “Mind Grenade” describes his feelings.  In his marketing role, Ollie was so appreciative for the session for vendors and an opportunity to meet the legal press.  Hearing directly from editors allows him to be better at giving them what they need. He went on and on about how much he enjoyed his time in the booth.   In his own words, “This is the best trade show and conference ever – best and the nicest!”

Dalene, with her long background in legal training, picked up on the increased awareness and focus on learning.  She feels like the awareness that learning is an important part of a firm’s success is starting to bloom. Based on her many conversations this week, she was excited to share, “People are starting to really get it.”

At Team TutorPro, our vendor partners are part of our family.  Michelle Spencer, Founder of Legal Learning Development Network has been with us this year.  Michelle moderated the LMS shootout session. She was elated that a Knowledge Management/Attorney professional not only attended the session, but engaged the panel with questions.  Michelle believes there is a natural partnership with KM and learning and if the two teamed, we could finally make some real progress on breaking down the departmental silos that continue to exist in law firms.

For Claire, our VP Client Success, who is based in the UK, coming to ILTACON is the perfect time to spend quality time with our client family. She was honored to have the company represented on both the Assessment panel and the LMS Shootout. At our evening debriefs, she told me she’s has loads of great conversations this year. We can tell that she’s excited and energized by her time with the ILTA community this year.

ILTACON 2016 was exhilarating and exhausting in the best possible way.  We can’t wait until we can put into action all the wonderful things we’ve learned this week from sessions, events and conversations.  Thanks ILTACON committee and volunteers for a wonderful event.  See you next year!

About the author: Tami Schiller

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