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This Team TutorPro HQ blog comes from most of us! We’re sure our readers have all heard of the five Ps. Not the Five Ps of marketing (it’s true they’re pretty important to many members of our team here), but five Ps that are relevant to all of us:

Poor Planning & Preparation (leads to) Poor Performance.

Why are these Ps so important, and why this version of them? There are so many other versions of this phrase (e.g. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance)! The reason we settled on the particular version of the Ps is that it feels much more like a firm warning than a gentle nudge, or affirming exhortation. The reason we all feel like we need this warning is, in fact, very positive!shutterstock_281612654

We know that for many readers of this blog it’s a busy time of year, projects soon coming to an end, a month away from new annual projects and cycles beginning. Well here at Team TutorPro HQ it’s a busy time too. We have several new Client Family Members joining us in the next few weeks. We too have projects coming to an end, and others ramping up. Like many of you we’re settling and refining budgets. In fact, earlier this week the International Legal Technology Association held their annual sponsor webinar which we were pleased to attend. If all this wasn’t enough it feels like we’re barely past Thanksgiving before the holiday season is heading nearer at an alarming speed (yes, some of our US team already have their houses decorated!)!

In all of this there’s a tendency to get swept up in all the excitement, to rush things because there’s so much to get done. This isn’t always a bad thing, we’re finding several tasks miraculously take a little less time than they did to complete when we last tackled them a month or two ago. This uptick in efficiency can lead to very happy VPs and a contented CEO!

However, there are two things that can’t be rushed – planning and preparation. As providers of learning software solutions we’re all too aware that if you rush the planning or preparation stages of any project, however necessary this might seem, the omission re-appears later and takes twice as long to unravel. So we’re reminding ourselves in this annual period of excitement, opportunity, and busyness, that if someone at Team TutorPro HQ is not wrapping something up, but planning something new, we will give them the space to methodically and carefully do their planning. We will do this because, even if it means a few longer days now, in the long term it will be of far more benefit to our Client Family Members and the rest of our team.

We hope you all find the time to do your planning over the next few weeks and we look forward to chatting with you soon, Team TutorPro!


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