Perfecting Our Content Strategy

As you know, we are always thinking about how we can improve our products and that includes our eLearning courseware. Just last week we opened the curtain and shared some of Team TutorPro’s thoughts on planning.

Starting with our Office 2013 courseware, we introduced a new design concept.  We extended the reach of our application simulation modules by adding live learning content. With Live Content, our clients could provide on-demand training and support nuggets that interact with the user while they work to provide assistance in the application.  The Workshop Series provides hands on training for specialty topics like Working with Sections in Word Documents.  Content in the Workshop Series –fully interactive — dives deeper into concepts that follow real workflows and are targeted to different user groups based on how they work in applications.

We believe assessments should always be part of a learning strategy. In our 2013 courseware, we retained the simulation knowledge checks that allow users to confirm knowledge, but added live in-application assessments.  This allowed the user to complete the entire workflow live in a work environment that is familiar to them while providing learning professionals with a click-by-click results viewer.  The results show a user’s process demonstrating areas where the user is already proficient and areas for future development. It was a bold step forward in turning knowledge into action and changing user behavior.

With our Office 2016 content, we expand on our course design to incorporate a vital element that’s missing from most technical eLearning content – context.  We now include a short micro-module with each topic series that explains the concepts giving much needed context to the learning content.

Learning happens when we process new information or new knowledge in a way that makes sense in our frame of reference. When we are improving our technical skills that means relating the learning content to our workflow. For example, styles are a vital part of creating Word documents, but why?  Explaining why helps the learner make connections to the remaining content in the series which ultimately aids in retention.

Team TutorPro strongly supports a blended learning approach and the classroom is a perfect place to add context to learning.  But realistically, more learning is happening away from the instructor led space. Constant changes in technology mean that workflow and processes are constantly evolving.  More frequently, our users need to learn on the go and often at the moment of apply (credit to Bob Mosher for the term “moment of apply”).  We want our client family to have as many tools as possible to create meaningful changes in user behavior.

While our new contextual micro-modules that we are add to each topic series will contain audio, we are removing audio from most of the remaining content in our topic series.  We believe that removing audio will allow our client family to use our content in more ways.  Like those moments of apply where our content is the perfect visual performance support tool.

If you have any questions about our Office 2016 content, please drop us a line.

About the author: Tami Schiller

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