My Christmas Wish for You

hot-chocolate-1906515_640It’s almost Christmas! It’s my favorite time of the year for so many reasons. Taking time to reflect on the current year and dream about the year ahead is part of my tradition.  I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you in my last post of 2016.

This past year, Team TutorPro took our caring and nurturing spirit that we have with our client family and shared it in our writing and peer conversations.  We focused on subjects that would help our peers develop their personal training development skills by talking about our own experiences and researching the latest trends in workplace talent development.  A very special project – the LMS toolkit was launched and continues into 2017.  We added new team members and added to our client and partner family.  It was truly a great year at TutorPro.

As I imagine what our journey ahead might look like, my Christmas wish for you is that you find more time for your personal and professional development.  When you feed your mind and strengthen your own skills, those you educate and support benefit exponentially. We’ll be here writing and sharing and doing what we can to help you be the best you can be.   Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

About the author: Tami Schiller

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