Moving The User Experience Forward

Moving the User Experience Forward

This week our blog post from the Developers Cave is brought to you by the User Experience Unit. Many of these posts have, thus far, focused on the detail of what our tools do and how they work. We’re pretty proud of the fantastic technology behind the tools that our Client Family enjoy, and the awesome teams that keep them at the cutting edge of modern workplace learning. One area we’ve focused on less in the blog is user experience.Cave_Man_at_Computer

You may have read that we’re going to move our LMS to HTML5. This decision was taken both for technical reasons, and to improve user experience. Well as that development is moving forward at a fantastic pace our User Experience Unit have moved their attention to the Live Content Studio Manager tool, specifically the Results Viewer. Live Content Studio is our ground-breaking, game-changing, totally unique eLearning and assessment content creation tool that can create both types of content to be delivered live, in-application, and across multiple applications.

The Live Content Studio Results Viewer is the only platform on the market that can give you a click-by-click report of how a learner performed during an online assessment, not just pass/fail or correct/incorrect but every click so you can truly assess strengths and weaknesses and allow your learners to genuinely and completely close their personal skills gaps. How could we possibly improve on all those features I hear you cry!? All the information in the Results Viewer is displayed in the right place, and is discoverable, nothing takes away from it being the most advanced tool on the market. However until now the results haven’t rendered as seamlessly as we’d have wished, searching within the results has been possible, but may not have been as enjoyable as it could. Right now the viewer is perfectly functional, we want it to be positively slick. Well thanks to our User Experience Unit it now is! We’re in the final stages of testing the new HTML results viewer to be released (tentatively) by the end of February 2017.

We hope that when it reaches you, you enjoy the new experience as much as we do. In order to move that a little nearer we’re heading back to the User Experience Unit via the Red Bull and Oreo cupboard!

If you’d like to know more about this project, or find out more about any of our products or solutions, please email or contact us by an alternative method.

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