How Our Heritage Defines Our Business

This week at Team TutorPro HQ we’ve been thinking about heritage, our heritage, what makes us the Team TutorPro who we are today. You may, or may not, know that for most of our almost thirty year-long history a large majority of our clients at TutorPro have been law firms. We also have had our strongest presence in the USA and UK. Nowadays that translates into a strong presence in the Americas as a whole, and across Europe, underpinning a global business. This is largely the result of firms consolidating across borders, or joining international networks of firms that provide an agreed service level. Recently our business has expanded into territory outside the purely legal, however, our legal sector heritage gives our organization, and our products and services, a particular feel. If you’re interested in our legal-specific product offerings you can find them on our website.


A Collaborative Approach

Most often law firms are partnerships. This means that the number of stakeholders with an interest in a change of service provider or solution, or (what can be) a major purchase, is greater than in other types of organization. Potential members of our client family are often concerned if we are happy to demonstrate our product more than once, whether we’re happy to meet different groups of people on different occasions and have similar conversations with each. The answer is yes to all of the above! We understand that learning and development is an area of real importance for organizations who want to retain and develop great talent. We want you to feel one hundred percent certain that we’re the right fit for your organization and we’re not about to dictate to you the process for doing so.


Every Client Really Is Unique!

Another interesting experience we have gained working in the legal sector is that no two desktops are the same and no application is ever deployed “as delivered”. There’s always a custom style here, and a different add-in there. This means that when we’re working on custom eLearning with clients we’re ready to adapt to an environment unlike one we’ve encountered before. We are also used to working with complex and secure networks. Our network team is always keen to have a creative conversation to ensure our products are available to all your learners, wherever they are, and however they log in!


Evaluation Takes Time…

The most oft-asked question to any member of our client-success department must be, “is it possible to extend our evaluation?”. Some potential members of our client family can seem apologetic when asking for this. We are really quick to reassure – it’s really NO problem. We understand that for our Client Family Members, and potential Members, life can get in the way of a plan. We’re never going to make a fuss because life happens, you can take all the time you need to thoroughly evaluate all of our products.
So if you’re considering our products and services then drop us a line, and we’d love to take the time to have a chat and work out how we can help!

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