Live Content & Dual Monitors…Clarification!

This week our Developers’ Cave blog comes from the Clarification Cubby.  We have had several client questions recently related to whether our Live Content Studio courseware and assessments can be taken by users who are working with dual monitors. We hate to ruin the suspense you may be building already, but the answer is yes! Also this answer doesn’t simply refer to dual monitors, if you need to have three, or even four, we can train and assess in those environments too!

One reason that we realize this question is being asked is that some of our off-the-shelf courseware contains a message asking users to switch off extra monitors. As we are updating many of our courses in the Library, and as we regularly create new versions this message will completely disappear over time. We’d rather put the resources it would take to edit every module we’ve ever created (thousands!) into creating exciting new content!

In case any of you like a bit of historical context Live Content Studio was the first, and is still the only (!!!) tool which can create training and assessments delivered live (as users work in a real application, not a simulated environment) and across multiple applications (a workflow can move from Word, to your DMS, to Outlook, and back again!). When it launched five years ago, it was, and still is, totally unique, ground-breaking, and cutting edge. The earliest few versions did have a couple of minor snags with dual monitors. However we solved that pretty swiftly and is now very old news.

So if anyone is still switching off monitors, please don’t! Keep them on. In fact most members of Team TutorPro use multiple monitors – at HQ several desks have quite the array! There have also been questions about our guidelines on zooming and fonts, “If you are using increased Fonts or have increased zoom settings turned on, please set the Font to Normal and the zoom to 100%”. Though this is currently still a requirement, if you watch this blog with an eagle eye over the next few weeks we’ll have some exciting news for you! Right now it’s off to the RedBull store for us and if you have any questions our Client Success team is here for you on Happy learning – Team TutorPro’s developers!

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