Team TutorPro Expands – Again!!

You may remember we recently expanded our team in the USA, in the Client Success Department. Well for the second quarter in a row our US team has a new member. We’re incredibly excited to announce that Christel Sweet Burris has joined us as US Support Representative! Christel will be part of the Client Success Team reporting to our VP Claire Loram.

This is exciting for so many reasons, the first of which is that here at Team TutorPro HQ we’ve known Christel for years and we’ve always loved our various contacts with her. It’s great to get a new team member who is already a firm friend.

The second reason that we’re excited to have Christel on board is that as well as getting to know her personally we’ve also been working with her for several years. Christel has been part of several TutorPro projects, particularly involving courseware development, and she has always delivered far above and beyond expectations. Quite frankly we just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to add her over 30 years of legal IT management and training experience to Team TutorPro.

A few things you might like to know about Christel. Christel has been a trainer, training manager, managed firm-wide projects and rollouts of most big legal software programs and was a very successful Manager of Information systems for a North Carolina law firm. For the last ten years Christel has run an independent legal IT consultancy, Push One Button, where she has both developed eLearning for the legal sector as well as providing outsourced systems management experience. Christel is especially known for an eagle-eye and the ability to spot an error in any product for which she is providing quality control supervision. She has been an active member of several legal IT communities including the International Legal Technology Association. Christel is married to Harry, and they recently located from Asheville North Carolina, to New Orleans Louisiana. When not at work you might find Christel behind the handlebars of her favorite European motorcycle! If you need any tips for Mardi Gras next year, remember, we don’t count support hours here at Team TutorPro HQ!

We asked our VP Client Success to comment on Christel joining Team TutorPro, and she replied as follows:

“I think Christel is amazing and have no doubt she will be a true asset to my team. We’ve been working with Christel for several years and we are always astonished at what she achieves for us. We’ve loved working with her occasionally, but I’m pleased I’ve been able to make her a full time member of my team. She’s hit the ground running, she’s already proved to be a cheerful and inspiring team member in the few days since she joined us , and I look forward to what she’ll bring to the team for many years to come!”

We’d all better get back to looking after our clients’ success, and we can’t wait to chat with you all again soon!

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