From the Features Floor!

This week our blog from the Developers’ Cave comes from the Features Floor. It is in many ways a follow on from a previous post on Staying Client Centric where we explored our philosophy of Client Driven Development. In case you missed the piece – we always like to develop new features as a result of client demand, and we scope them in partnership with the clients calling for them. Today we’re going to briefly outline two new features that we’ve just released in the TutorPro LMS!

Course and Learning Path Rating & Feedback:

There’s been a real buzz over the last few years about social features in LMSs. Are they good? Are they bad? Is this a useful way of looking at a feature? We’re not so sure… What we are sure about is that we must always try to make the TutorPro LMS as engaging for learners as it can be, and this has involved looking at features that might be considered social. So when we went to our Client Family Members and asked them which new features they would like recently, many of them said they would like to give learners the ability to do two things:

1. Rate a Course and Learning Path
2. Provide feedback on a Course and Learning Path.

This gives the ability for learners to feel like learning is not something delivered at them, which they must accept without debate, but is part of a culture in which they are partners. This isn’t yet social, because a review, if kept private for administrators to view, is simply an effective feedback mechanism. The star-based rating is always public. However, if they choose, our Client Family Members can make reviews public, for all learners to see, post admin approval. This then becomes a social feature, it becomes a way of enabling learners to share information between each other to get the best value from courses in the LMS. So did we develop the feature because it’s exciting to have a social feature, and the market is buzzing about social features? No. Does this feature, when used in a social manner, add value for some of our Client Family Members? They tell us yes!


Bulk User History Import:

This new one’s for all the LMS administrators out there. We love our Client Family Members as you all know, and especially our LMS administrators. We make a real effort to try to make TutorPro LMS intuitive to use for all learners, and we don’t change that approach when considering administrators. So another feature we’ve added to our LMS is the ability to bulk-import user history in one simple click. One request that is often made of our support team is to assist with getting a group of users into TutorPro LMS with all their previous history from a previous LMS, because of a new office being acquired, or new cohort of staff joining the firm. We hope this small feature addition will make life a little easier for you all.

If you have any feedback for us on these features, or features you’d like to see in future in the TutorPro LMS please don’t hesitate to drop our Client Success team a line on they’ll love to chat with you. We’re back to the Cave via that Red Bull cabinet!

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