Thinking About LTC4 Assessments?

This week at Team TutorPro HQ we’ve been thinking about LTC4 Core Competencies. Many members of, and several potential members of, our Client Family have been asking us about how we can support their aspirations for LTC4 Certification. In case we’re getting ahead of ourselves LTC4 is a global coalition of individuals in law firms, legal departments, and not-for-profits dedicated to the creation of a set of standards for the use of technology in the practice of law. Coalition membership has been opened up to Law Firms, Legal Departments, Law Schools, and Vendors. Whilst these organizations are members, it is only individuals that can earn an LTC4 Certification.

How Can TutorPro Help?

Team TutorPro are LTC4 Vendor Members, in fact we were one of the earliest Vendor Members. From the beginning, we realized that this was an endeavor which would be of real benefit to the global legal sector.

Firstly, Vendor Membership means that we have access to the Core Competencies from LTC4. At the very least if you call us to see how we can help you out, you can be sure our consultants and product teams understand the detail the Core Competencies themselves. If you ask for training support from an organization that isn’t a Vendor Member, they will not have had access to the detail of the Core Competencies.

Secondly, as you may know from earlier posts here are Team TutorPro HQ we believe very strongly in authentic assessment. We don’t believe that you can truly assess by delivering learning and then checking that the learner digested that learning. That’s confirming knowledge – this is often called as an ‘exercise’ or ‘knowledge check’. This is a great form of learning, but not for this particular challenge. Our Live Content Studio tool allows us to create the only assessments which your candidates can take live and in application.

And last, but by all means not least, because as a Vendor Member we have access to the same matrices that you do, we have already split them out into manageable assessments for the learner to complete. We understand that whether you are a law firm, law school or in-house counsel these matrices need tailoring to your specific environment. Our team is able to work with you and make this a seamless process. This is always done in the knowledge that any customization must be acceptable to LTC4. In the event that one of your candidates demonstrates a knowledge gap during assessment we have TutorPro Off-The-Shelf Courseware mapped and ready to help them close the gap.

We believe this is a truly authentic assessment regime. If you’d like to know more about this – why not visit our LTC4 page, or email the team at

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