Assessment – it’s not a dirty word!

We love assessment at Team TutorPro – in fact we REALLY love it! Does that make us somehow weird? Isn’t assessment all about testing whether people are continuing to “make the grade”? You may think we’re approaching hyperbole, but some people just HATE the idea of being tested. Here at Team TutorPro HQ we’ve been working with our Client Family Members to find out how we can change the reputation of a learning tool that is so dear to us. We believe that enabling learners to see assessment as a positive tool is all about how you choose to use it in the first place.

The traditional approach to assessment is as follows:

  1. Learner is given generic learning material
  2. Learner is assessed on how much of the above material they have retained


This approach might seem OK for elementary school but it does nothing for the adult learner in the workplace. This approach often assumes little prior knowledge in the learner, even when you’re assessing experienced time. It also doesn’t help the learner apply what they’ve learned to their work. It just confirms how much of the information that you presented to them was taken in.

We prefer to use flipped assessment because it places the learner at the heart of the exercise and actually measures competency – our approach is as follows:

  1. Learner is given an assessment first, live and in application
  2. Learner is given targeted learning, live and in application, to close any knowledge gaps demonstrated in the initial assessment
  3. Learner is reassessed to confirm knowledge gaps have been closed, live and in application.


This assessment method is all about the learner. It’s all about understanding their current skill level, instead of assuming no basic knowledge. It’s about telling the learner that it’s OK not to get 100% the first time around, and that they will be supported in improving their skills. It’s about giving them the tools to demonstrate their success rather than making them feel like they might fail in front of their managers! We’ve written before about taking a learner-centric approach and this assessment method is based on the same adult learning theory. There are several tools on the market for assessing learners, however the only tool that allows you to assess and train live and in application, across multiple applications, is our very own Live Content Studio. If you want to put learners at the center of learning and increase the return on your assessment projects please email our Client Success Team on We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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