Instant Feedback In Captivate

This week our Captains of Captivate have been discussing their favorite features. As some of you know we used to create simulation learning and knowledge checks in a program called TutorAuthor NG, however, we recently decided to move this type of content creation to Adobe Captivate.

The stand-out feature is a simple, yet really useful, one – instant feedback on quiz slides. This feature is becoming a popular with our instructional designers when creating knowledge checks. The point of a knowledge check is to reinforce learning. If a learner gets a question wrong, this is a great way to help them understand why they weren’t correct. We asked our instructional design team to give us en example of how this feature could be used and as it was an end-of-day team meeting they said they’d show us with martinis! So let’s imagine we’re doing a cocktail hour related knowledge check and here’s the question – we need to correctly identify what a martini is:



Let’s imagine now that we select answer A:



Unfortunately we weren’t correct – but at least now we know! Let’s try B:



Again we weren’t correct – but again, we know why! So let’s try C:



So there we have it – C is the correct answer! Not only have we got the answer right, but also we have some information about the correct answer. As you can see this is a simple feature, but one that really helps reinforce the information being communicated to the learner via the knowledge check. We hope you have enjoyed this description of how to put Captivate to good use. If you would like any further information on eLearning (or martinis) please email


Our blog couldn’t have been put together without this piece from Atlanta bartender Jeff Banks.

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