Precise Assessment Reporting!

In this week’s Live Content Studio release we’ve added not one, but two, great features! The first one, Bringing Results to the End User, we told you about last week. The second feature we’ve added is the ability to capture an image of a mouse event during an assessment using Live Content Studio! Until now all Live Content Studio Assessments have come with a click-by-click report of every action a learner has taken. This report is a file of the controls that the learner has interacted within a live application.

Now we think it’s pretty cool that both trainer and learner can see a full list of actions performed in an assessment. However, because assessments can be part of events like pre-hire selection or annual reviews, we know that team members sometimes need extra reassurance that the results are accurate. In order to give learners, trainers, and HR departments as much reassurance as they need we’ve now added an extra column into these results, with a really exciting new function:


If you click on the arrow icon in the new column (column two) you now get an image of where on the application the learner actually performed a mouse action.

In the example below, in the case that a learner thinks they have selected the correct document view for ‘easy reading’ and the results file says that they didn’t, you simply can check the image and see exactly where they clicked. In this example they selected the icon to the right of the Read Mode. This will help the learner understand where they actually did click.

Example A: Where the learner actually clicked:

Example B: Where the learner should have clicked:

We hope that this helps everyone involved in assessments feel comfortable that the process is a really robust test of skill mastery, and not the cause of frustration! If you’re interested in learning more about how assessments can be a positive tool for your team please email

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