Modern… Clean… Fresh… LMS Interface Released!

This week’s update comes from the Design Division of our Developers’ Cave. On Monday, June 19, we will be releasing an updated interface for the TutorPro Learning Management System (LMS)! This has been a four-month long process for our LMS development team, and we hope you agree that the results are pretty awesome. We’re gratified that many of you suggest the features of the TutorPro LMS make it the leading legal-specific LMS (you’re all too kind!). However, we have been aware for some time that the look of the interface has lagged slightly behind the feature list. This is, in fact, largely because of our philosophy of client-driven development. The time has definitely come for a newer, fresher, cleaner, interface and so here it is!

The team has focused on a couple specific areas to be sure we are making a genuine improvement to the learner experience. The first of these areas is the Home Dashboard. When a learner logs in to the LMS this is where they land and now it looks cleaner, as well as being much more graphical. The Home Dashboard now has a visual indication of learning path progress and also improved icons for search results. We’ve decided to replace the static menu bar across the top with a dynamic pop-out menu.



The second area our team has focused on is the Course Library. Again, the team has refreshed the overall look to make it a little more contemporary. This includes a new set of icons to signpost what the learner is looking at, and what actions they may take, as well as some work on the layout of the page itself. We hope this more interesting and dynamic Course Library will keep inspiring the learners who access TutorPro LMS to be increasingly proactive about their learning!



If you’re a member of our Client Family and would like to discuss the new interface, or you’d like your LMS instance to be upgraded, please contact your account manager or email As always, the upgrade will take place out of your business hours and then it’s a simple change in the Control Panel for you to move to the new design!

If you’re not yet a member of the Client Family and you’re interested in the taking a look at the TutorPro LMS email and we’ll be very happy to give you a demo!

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