More LTC4 Approved Assessments For Team TutorPro!!

We’ve got some great news from Team TutorPro HQ today! As some of you know our Working with Legal Documents assessments were approved in September last year. Since then our instructional design team has been busy on some thrilling client projects (in fact it got so busy we had to grow!). As this quarter came to a close we were keen on getting some more assessments approved by LTC4. This led to us putting assessments for five more Core Competencies in front of the LTC4 certification pod in one shot, all of which were approved! They were:

  • Presentations
  • Time and Billing
  • Collaborating with Others
  • Data, Reports and Exhibits
  • Managing Documents and Emails


Added to Working with Legal Documents – this means we now have a total of six LTC4 Approved Assessments. Well done Team TutorPro!

A benefit of being a Vendor Member of LTC4 is receiving access to the details of the Core Competencies, which are not made available to non-members. Whilst a Vendor Member of LTC4 has access to the Core Competencies, their assessments are only deemed approved once they are put before the LTC4 Certification Pod, until then they are only deemed aligned. Once the pod has met, and ascertained that the assessments are indeed of the appropriate level, the Vendor Member’s assessments receive the designation of approved.

Here at TutorPro we believe that the only true form of assessment is an assessment that enables the learner to demonstrate mastery by performing workflow on real applications. This is why all of TutorPro’s LTC4 Core Competency Assessments are developed with Live Content Studio and mapped to off-the-shelf TutorPro Courseware.

For more information give your chosen team-member a call or email and someone will get right back to you!


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