How We Support You!

This week at Team TutorPro HQ we’ve been thinking about support. When we’re talking to potential Client Family Members we’re often asked how support works after you join. Here are a few frequently asked questions, answered!

  1. When is support available?

From Monday to Friday 9am UK Time to 5.30pm Pacific time. This is when we promise that our Support Teams are available in real time. If you have a specific need outside these hours we try to accommodate your requirements, given a little warning!

  1. How are you supported – by email, by phone?

However you want to be supported! We recommend that every support enquiry is emailed to our Support Team mailboxes in the first instance. All of us watch these shared emails like hawks and so that’s the best way to ensure that your enquiry is picked up by the first available member of Team TutorPro! If it’s a simple question, we’ll put an answer in an email right back to you. If not, we’ll suggest a phone call or a screen sharing session (we use GoToMeeting), and leave you to choose the option that you feel will best suit you!

  1. Will I know who’s supporting me?

When a member of our Support Team responds to your enquiry you’ll see their name and direct dial number on the footer of the email. They’ll keep a track of your enquiry, update you on its progress if it takes any length of time to answer, and are more than happy to take your call and have a chat!

  1. What’s a typical enquiry?

There really isn’t one! We try to take a relaxed approach to what counts as a support request. As long an administrator has undertaken our recommended training program we’re happy to answer almost any question! In fact many support enquiries aren’t strictly about product functionality or a potential issue – often a support enquiry is about best practice or how another Client Family Member has tackled a challenge. We try to add value in any way we can!

…and the best bit – we don’t count support hours!!

When you take a subscription to one of our software solutions you’re subscribing to a service rather than buying a product. We’d be a pretty poor service provider if we didn’t help you get the best out of it! In order to make sure that you have a satisfactory experience we include unlimited support in your subscription price. That way you know that if you join the TutorPro Client Family whether you need minutes, hours, or days of support we’re always just one email or phone call away!

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