Team TutorPro has two exciting pieces of news this week! Read all about it:

Atlanta Office Opens!

Until now, many of you may know, those members of Team TutorPro not based at our UK HQ have been distributed around the USA. Whilst our instructional designers will remain central-US based, our Client Success team will be growing out of the Southeastern USA’s booming tech-town, Atlanta, Georgia! Our office is in the heart of Midtown at 1447 Peachtree Street NE, #700 – inside the totally charming Industrious floor. Whether you need a sweet tea, or a scone (advanced warning required), if y’all (we’re learning the lingo already!) are in the area we’d love to see you!

We’re Hiring!

Not to be outdone by Team TutorPro Atlanta, Team TutorPro HQ has decided that it’s time to add some more members to their merry band! We’re looking for developers who like a challenge, and are driven by one burning passion, to deliver the most awesome learning platforms ever conceived. We need some new team members to build them, and also someone new to break them (*the author has been informed he has to clarify that this is a tester and we’re not looking for someone who comes with their own sledgehammer)! Full details here!


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