Celebrating Women’s History Month

“I never meant to cause you sorrow or pain”

John Lennon lyrics.

This month’s blog comes from Lisa Tucker, Personal Assistant to Claire Revell, CEO. Lisa shares her overall thoughts about subjects tied to Women’s History Month.

To 50% of the population, I would politely request your understanding as we continue to celebrate and give our thoughts to everything that is WOMAN in this merry month of March! For this is “Women’s History Month” whose theme this year is “Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to be Silenced” (ironic given the latest headline news in the UK at the moment, but we won’t go there …).

March 8th also saw International Women’s Day, commemorating the 1917 demonstration by women in Russia marking the turning point of the Russian Revolution – Girl Power! I also want to mention National Doctors’ Day (non-female specific) on March 30th. Finally, to continue with our theme, let’s remember the first female Doctor, British born Elizabeth Blackwell, who qualified in the United States in 1849! Elizabeth played an important role as a social awareness and moral reformer who promoted education for women in medicine. She showed great sensitivity and empathy and was a strong advocate for economic and social justice – her perspective was summed up as “feminine”. 

Today we are lucky to have come such a long way in our thinking – men, you too are granted the liberty to acknowledge such feelings! As women, we are free to become leaders and give our voices to our drives and ambitions and other erstwhile in previous times male sentiments dominated!

So, yes, women can “have it all” today, but I would remind them, as I would equally remind ANY human being, that above all, the most important thing is the simple freedom of CHOICE! Regardless of gender, this must surely be the most empowering of all; to follow our own desired path in life without the fear of judgment, criticism, and hate. If a man wishes to be the main caregiver for children within his family – brilliant, go for it! If a woman chooses to become a hairdresser rather than a bricklayer – great, knock yourself out! Whose business is it anyway?!

To lead the life of our own choice is an absolute privilege. Happiness and health go hand in hand so let’s give thanks to all the doctors, paramedics, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, etc, etc, throughout our lives, from the moment of our conception, until we leave via the exit door at the other end. Let’s also give thanks and encouragement to all the struggling medical students out there, reliant on eLearning technology to complete their education during this challenging time. Where would we be without them? We must look after our medical professionals who look after us – our physical health and just as importantly, our mental health. 

So, as Spring arrives this month of March, and insinuates itself subtly into our collective consciousness, allow your battered spirits to be soothed – turn your face towards the sun and know that brighter days are on their way. Turn your focus as well to the progress that has been made in all walks of life, such as the continuing steps to eradicate the oppression of women and the great strides made to get us out of this awful pandemic. Also, perhaps savor the simple novelty of being permitted to meet up with a friend or relative and have a good old chinwag about nothing in particular!

Consider what keeps you sane and always prioritize this in life, whether that’s becoming a leader in your chosen field or just being in the moment and enjoying life in the most elementary of ways.

About the author: TeamTP