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TutorPro Athena is a new performance support system for law firms. As technology plays an increasingly important role in law firm life for staff and attorneys alike, a new challenge has emerged. How to curate digital resources and deliver them the right individuals, at the point of need, in-workflow. Athena overcomes this challenge.

Athena Start Up

TutorPro Athena is a system designed to deliver learning, KM related information (and indeed any other information that can be referenced in a URL) to the end-user exactly when they need it, in a Windows environment. Athena can be curated to be targeted to team-members by experience level, job role, and practice area.


For Example – Imagine you have an end-user who is logging in for the first time. You want to ensure that when they access your environment that they are welcomed, and at the same time, that the first thing they do is complete mandatory security awareness training. This can be delivered in a popup (see image left) at system start.


Now imagine that the first time this new hire opens an email, you want to make sure they are aware of the firm policy documentation on email etiquette, they know how to use the version of Outlook that your firm has in place, and finally, be aware of your information security policies.

Until now all these different types of resource have resided in different places in your network and you have had to find multiple routes to the end-user, or multiple routes for the end-user to go find them. Now your team can deliver all these multiple types of resource to the end-user, exactly when you want the end-user to receive them in workflow, intelligently filtered by any parameter in your HRIS (see image left). 

If you’re interested in how Athena could change the way you manage information delivery, and find efficiencies for you please email solutions@tutorpro.com