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Performance Support

Embrace Just-In-Time training by giving employees access to everything they need, right at their fingertips, with our performance support solution TutorPro Athena.
Provide employees with what they need, at the time of need!

“We recently had new software rolled out to the team and adoption was poor. Using TutorPro’s Athena solution has enabled the team to self-help and becomes more efficient. One click access to all the information you need. Customizable to your business needs. Ensures you can work faster and smarter. A fantastic return on investment!”

Kyle Brooke, Account Manager
Grey Matter

Just-In-Time Training…

  • Delivers unlimited resources to employees in any application
  • Offers a powerful cross platform search tool
  • Releases important messages minimizing email traffic

Learning On-Demand…

  • Empower employees to work faster and smarter
  • In-Workflow training results in true digital adoption
  • Reduced Help Desk calls

Administration Made Simple…

  • Import resources, define where you want them deployed, connect the two
  • Seamless integration with Active Directory
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Unlike other industry software there’s no integration required, you’ll be up and running before you know it!