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Learning Management System

TutorPro LMS

TutorPro LMS offers intuitive user journeys, ensuring your learners continue to engage, and administrative tasks are made effortless.

Push learning to your employees or build an on-demand platform. Streamline the onboarding process for new employees and reduce the time it takes to manage a blended learning program.  Our cloud-based solution will help solve your organization’s learning and development challenges.  Built for businesses of any size, it’s the perfect hub to support firm-wide training.

If you’re in the process of looking for an LMS, be sure you check out our FREE vendor agnostic LMS Toolkit to help with your due diligence! Learn More.

Home Dashboard…

Single Sign On (SSO) provides seamless access to a clean, customizable, and intuitive Home Dashboard. Learners have instant access to all key functionality. Its visual, dynamic, & will connect users with multiple types of learning within seconds of landing.

Simple Administration…

Features such as multi-event creation with conflict checking, automated reminders, scheduled reporting and auto-assign functionality will reduce time spent administrating the LMS. We work hard to support administrators as much as end-users!

In the Library, and across the platform…

You will find single-click enrollment for your learners, filtering by relevance, and customizable communication templates. Use the Broadcast Emails with ‘deep links’ to push mandatory learning to your co-workers, or build an on-demand resource-bank for embedding a culture of self-directed learning. 

Empower your learners to collaborate and share knowledge with the share feature and encourage them to engage with course ratings and reviews!

You don’t pay any more for…

Engaging analytics and detailed reporting. We also have a fully customizable survey and certificate module and not forgetting an API! Setup seamless communication with your Active Directory, HR systems and so much more.

Customize the platform to match your firm’s branding.

Bulk Import Courses & Bulk Edit reduce time managing courses.

Gamification & Leader boards coming soon!

Don’t forget… TutorPro doesn’t count support hours!