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Athena Release Notes

Feature Release – Version 2.0

NEW Features:

  • Schedule Messages – When adding or editing a Message, a new Scheduling feature has been added. Providing the ability to define the dates you wish users to see the messages.
  • Important Content – Create Important content items in your Configuration file and display them to the end-user instantly.  Important content will continue to pop up until they confirm they have completed it!
  • Define the Order of your Content – Reorder your messages and content in the Configuration file using drag and drop, and have this reflected in the Athena Client for end-users to see.
  • Branding – Specify a custom HEX color in the Client Options page.
  • Search Tags Indicator – A new Search tag icon will display in the Configuration file, next to any pieces of Content with search tags assigned. 
  • Read Only – The Configuration file (TACX file) is now locked for editing when opened.


  • Only when clicking on the ‘Make currently open TACX file live’ option, under the Setup page, do the saved changes filter out to the end-users.
  • A new text editing menu bar has been put in place for formatting messages.
  • All icons have been replaced with standard Google material icons to ensure design consistency.

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version 1.5.3

  • NEW – User configurable timeout for Athena Client
  • NEW – Refresh and Save menu option for main tree view
  • 1273: Search results not producing duplicates in Client