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Custom eLearning & Assessment

For almost three decades TutorPro’s instructional design team has been supporting innovative and exciting client projects. All of our instructional designers have no less than two decades of experience creating eLearning and assessments. Whatever the size or scope of your custom assessment project, let us help you make it a reality! 

Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning

We use two content creation tools, Adobe Captivate and our own Live Content Studio, to create innovative and engaging learning. These two tools offer radically contrasting content.

With Adobe Captivate we create interactive simulation learning and knowledge checks. Whilst we never advise that a learner approaches a new platform or application with no classroom training, these modules will take a learner from beginner to near mastery.

With Live Content Studio we can quickly and intuitively create training and support delivered truly live, in-application, and across multiple applications.

Our approach to learning and training is firmly rooted in current research on adult learning theory. This research leads us to understand that the adult learner is an incredibly focused, task driven, and results oriented individual.

Custom Assessments

Custom Assessments

Are you thinking about assessment? Is LTC4 not right for your firm? Do you need to identify baseline skill level? If you are asking any of these questions, we can provide the answer.

Our Live Content Studio tool allows us to create, not only engaging eLearning, but also live, in-application assessments. Users can complete a task using multiple alternative methods, which can be scored differently. These assessments can also be used for workflows that include the multiple applications.

Do you want to see more than Pass/Fail and a Score? With the click-by-click reporting you see exactly what the user did from start to finish.  Our Results Viewer will also highlight which method the user performs, and if they demonstrate a knowledge gap, you can easily target training.