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LMS Toolkit

TutorPro LMS Toolkit

The Toolkit is designed to help you make the right decisions, whether you already have an Learning Management System (LMS) in place, or you are considering one of the many solutions on the market. Taking your training off paper and online is a complex process. That’s before you start to look at doing the due diligence on 750+ LMS’s out there! We realized that there is a lack of effective guidance for companies going through this process, so TutorPro partnered with Michelle Spencer of LLDevNet, to create a vendor agnostic toolkit to assist.

What’s Included in the LMS Toolkit?

Phase One: Analysis & Alignment

The first phase tackles defining and developing a learning strategy based on specific organizational needs. Included in this phase is a readiness assessment, return on investment calculation tools, and use cases.

Phase Two: Selection & Purchasing

The second phase of our LMS Toolkit explains how to go about selecting the best LMS for your organization. There is nothing specific about the TutorPro LMS, it’s completely vendor agnostic! Resources include: a sample request for proposal document (RFP), feature lists, and comparison tools.

Phase Three: Planning & Implementation

Phase three explores planning and implementation of your new LMS, from assembling the project team to rollout. Resources include project plans, trainer processes and workflows, and pilot testing guides.

Phase Four: Extending the Reach

Phase four looks at how to extend the reach of the LMS after it has been in place at the firm for a period of time and look at re-energizing. Resources include marketing materials and other ideas.

Phase Five: Maintenance

The final phase of our LMS Toolkit is all about maintenance and ensuring continued return on your investment. We provide resources such as: an annual review checklists, and a best practice materials.

Where do I access all of this great information?!

It’s simple and FREE!! Click the button below, provide us with your details and you’ll get access to download the materials. We hope you find the resources useful and if there’s anything you feel we should add, please let us know!