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LTC4 Core Competencies

As an LTC4 Vendor Member, and training and assessment provider, we are committed to helping LTC4 establish a legal industry standard for technology competence. As members of LTC4, we have access to the Core Competencies and are uniquely positioned to assist clients with achieving LTC4 Certification. Whether you’re an LTC4 Member or not, we’re happy to answer any of your questions!  If you’re not sure if LTC4 is right for your firm, please visit our Custom Assessments page to learn more.

Preparing for Assessment

In order to help candidates prepare for assessment we have mapped our off-the-shelf TutorPro courseware to the LTC4 Core Competencies. Sometimes during the assessment process a candidate will demonstrate a knowledge gap. When this happens we have relevant learning mapped and ready to help them close it!

Courses Available

Let Us Help You Get Certified 

As an LTC4 member, you have been given access to the Core Competency matrices (Core Competencies listed below).  Now you have them, what do you do with them?! That’s where we can help!

As a Vendor Member, (with six LTC4 Core Competency Approved Assessments), we have access to the same matrices and have already split them out into manageable assessments for the learner to complete. We understand that whether you are a law firm, law school or in-house counsel these matrices need tailoring to your specific environment. Our team is able to work with you and make this a seamless process. This is always done in the knowledge that any customization must be acceptable to LTC4.

Once we have defined these workflows with you, it’s time for our experienced instructional designers to create the assessments. We use our unique Live Content Studio tool in order to ensure that you are truly assessing your candidates live and in the application.


Legal Documents


Managing Documents & Emails 


Collaborating with Others: E-Mailing and Sharing Documents 


Time and Billing 


Road Warriors


Data, Reports and Exhibits




Working with Clients (CRM)