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Quarter Two Newsletter 2019

Our Quarter Two Newsletter 2019

Spring is the Season for New Beginnings!

Spring is officially here! It always brings about a sense of anticipation, opportunity and hope in the corridors of the TutorPro offices and we are looking forward to all the goodness that this time of the year brings!

We are beginning to shake off “Old Man Winter” and look forward to longer days, warmer weather, birds returning, and the blooming of beautiful flowers & trees (not the pollen, ugh!) Often, we focus on Spring cleaning our homes, however this year at TutorPro we are doing Spring cleansing in the workplace!

We are emphasizing healthy workplace habits (see our Quarterly Tips & Tricks) while maintaining our organization-wide practice of Work-life balance ethics. Take a moment to read our recent blog with feedback from two members of our Software Development team. Healthy eating, a consistent exercise program and practicing mindfulness are all lifestyle choices that undoubtedly result in a better quality of life. Having job flexibility, employer support and the ability to chase your dreams are also contributors. Here at TutorPro we believe that life is really a constant cycle of beginnings and the Spring season is definitely evidence of that!

TutorPro News

The first quarter of our year has passed with amazing speed! Team TutorPro had the pleasure of attending the ABA (American Bar Association) Tech Show with our business partner,  NSLT, in Chicago and got to also meet with several Chicago based clients!

We are looking forward to several upcoming conferences we will be attending this year. Next up is ATD (Association of Talent and Development) in Washington DC on May 19-22nd

This conference is one of the largest and most comprehensive talent and development conferences worldwide and we are very excited to exhibit TutorPro’s solutions and efficiencies. We are looking forward to networking, learning about industry trends and the spectacular line up of keynote speakers!

If you happen to attend the conference, please pop by to see us- – we will be at booth 647!

Recent Blogs

Quarterly Offer

TutorPro’s second quarterly offer for 2019 is designed for new Client Family Members. If you sign up to any of our solutions before June 30, 2019, we will waive one of the product training fees! Quote “Qtr2Offer”
Don’t miss out on this great offer, contact solutions@tutorpro.com for more details!

Team TutorPro Tips & Tricks!

This quarter’s top tip is another from our Business Development Manager, Nikki Pope. She shares 19 crazy ways you can be healthier in the office. We look forward to seeing how many you can do!!

Courseware Updates

Recently Released:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC with audio, QRGs and ILTs
  • Payne Numbering Assistance
    with audio, QRGs and ILTs
  • CaseMap 13 with audio, QRGs and ILTs
  • Nuance Power PDF Advanced 2 with audio, QRGs and ILTs

Coming Soon

What is an EPSS… and why is our EPSS called Athena?!

An EPSS, Electronic Performance Support System, is a computer-based system that improves worker productivity by providing on the job access to integrated information, advice and learning experiences. An EPSS goes beyond training, and we’re excited to see how businesses implement this new type of solution.

For those of you who may not know, Athena is the ancient Greek goddess associated with strategic warfare and wisdom. She was one of the most intelligent and wisest of the Greek gods.

TutorPro Athena is our EPSS, the latest addition to TutorPro’s technology ecosystem. It’s super intelligent, so the name Athena seemed perfect!!

Take a look at our new video to see how it works!

Athena is designed to reduce the cost of training staff, while increasing productivity and efficiency. As technology becomes increasingly complex there is a real need for a system that allows businesses to push relevant resources and information to end-users, when they need it. Employees spend an increasing amount of time searching places such as the Learning Management System (LMS), the network, SharePoint and the intranet, for what they need.

Athena helps to overcome this challenge in many ways :

  • Learners can be provided with instant access to mandatory security awareness training, policy guides and useful information, as soon as they logon to the machine!
  • Athena reduces Help Desk calls and time spent searching, by providing learners with the right resources and information as they need it, in real time, without disrupting workflow.
  • There is seamless integration with Active Directory, you can be sure that everyone sees what they need to see.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics to help every step of the way with system administration.

Take a look at our new video to see how it works!