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Quarter Four Newsletter 2018

Our Quarter Four Newsletter

How is it nearly November?!

We can’t believe there’s only two months left of 2018! We’ve had an extremely busy year and we are excited for 2019. We have sooooo much in store for next year, and we still have lots happening before this year is out. We are working on the next feature release of TutorPro LMS V3 and on-boarding three new team members, introductions coming soon!! 

On the subject of development, for our last newsletter of 2018, we’d like to share details about our Development Tempo in our feature article.

As always, a massive thank you to all our Client Family Members for their continued support, and also welcome all our new Client Family Members. We’re very excited that so many of you have recently selected us as your learning solutions provider of choice!

The Connection Newsletter

A New Development Tempo

What a quarter it has been here at Team TutorPro HQ, and at Team TutorPro’s new North American Office in Atlanta, GA! We’ve released a new version of TutorPro Learning Management System, a new Performance Support System, and just three weeks ago we released our first features update to the new version of TutorPro LMS, including Bulk Edit and Bulk Import Courses!!

LMS and Courseware Library  

Over the last couple of years, as we updated our product set, we held off releasing dated roadmaps for our product suite. This was because the nature of re-approaching, and re-engineering, a product is that you cannot be sure how long the process will take! We now have regularly published roadmaps for two of our products, those which are most often updated:

LMS Roadmap

Courseware Library Roadmap

These links will remain the locations for the roadmaps going forward. We will be releasing features and updates quarterly for both products.

Live Content Studio (LCS):

Over the next two quarters we will be working towards releasing a new version of LCS. The recent review of the product found that, whilst it performs excellently, there are some complexities in the architecture of the product that are unnecessary and which would be better dealt with now, before we bring it back to having a quarterly roadmap for feature releases.


We’re so excited that so many of you are enjoying TutorPro Athena! We developed the Athena concept based on clear ideas from the ILTA, and wider legal tech, communities and we’re glad we’ve managed to manifest those requests suitably in this new performance support system! The next feature to be added to Athena will be Microsoft Office and SharePoint integration! Following that we plan to add a quarterly roadmap for Athena by the end of 2019. Given that Athena is a new product, we’re taking a conservative approach to future developments while we assess feedback from our Client Family Members so that we can be sure we continue to set this solution on the right path.

If you’d like any more information on these solutions please don’t hesitate to email us at accountmanagement@tutorpro.com if you’re an existing Client Family Member, or solutions@tutorpro.com if you’re interested in joining us on this legal tech journey!

We look forward to hearing from you.

In This Issue

  • A New Development Tempo
  • Recent Blog Posts
  • Quarterly Offer
  • Team TutorPro Top Tip!
  • Recent and Upcoming Courseware Releases

Quarterly Offer

Quarterly Offer


TutorPro’s offer for quarter four 2018 is Athena. Sign up before January 1 and get 10% off!! Don’t miss out on this great offer and contact solutions@tutorpro.com for more details!

Team TutorPro Top Tip!


This quarter’s top tip is for Client Family Members who are using TutorPro LMS V3. If you’re looking to email those on an Event, or a Learning Path, don’t forgot the new Email icon is there to streamline this process for you! If  you need any assistance with any of the new features, just email support@tutorpro.com and someone will walk you through it!

New and Upcoming Courseware

New Releases

  • CaseMap 13
  • Payne Numbering Assistant 11
  • ndOffice 2.2

Upcoming Releases 

  • Best Authority
  • iManage Work 10
  • Litera Metadact
  • Litera Change-Pro Premier 10
  • NetDocuments ndMail
  • NetDocuments ndThread