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Newsletter: The Connection Q4

In this issue: New Hires: Are you training what they need to know? The Benefits of Micro-Learning How DO Users Learn? Click Here to download The Connection – Quarter 4 2015 (UK Version) Click Here to download The Connection – Quarter 4 2015 (US Version)

The Connection Newsletter is Out

The 2nd Quarter newsletter is out and full of great information. In this issue we talk about summer associates, making time for analysis in your training plans and share some advice to help you make sure you get the most out of the e-Learning that you purchase. You can get the newsletter here.  

Check out The Connection for Q1 2015

Our current newsletter is out! In this edition, we cover assessments, collaboration and document lifecycle. What Comes First: Training or Assessment? Regardless of what you decide, a complete learning program contains both learning and assessment. Collaboration: Defining a Process to Work Efficiently Bottom line, effective collaboration processes, that are defined and documented, can provide...

Training Tools: Getting a Return on Your Investment

Here’s another great article from our quarterly newsletter. Have you purchased tools, such as authoring tools, courseware, or an LMS, and struggled with actually using them? Do you actually have an inventory of the training tools you have purchased? Not keeping an inventory that can be quickly accessed and provide valuable information is another...