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Why Our Clients Choose Us

“Huge Time Saver!

I love using services that allow me to focus my attention on other projects. With these already created, my team can focus on other tasks. Really helpful!”

Donna Lane, Training Manager. Crowell & Moring LLP

“TutorPro Rocks!!”

Paul B, Director of Training at Wiley Law

Overall: Users find TutorPro easy to use, we can track users’ progress, set up learning paths for new hires and current attorneys and staff, and easily direct users to the TutorPro content. Since we are a limited training team supporting 500 users, having TutorPro as an option has been extremely beneficial. The assessments provided, as well as being able to create needs-based assessments via the Live Content Studio, makes TutorPro far better than all others out there. I am happy to be a member of the TutorPro family!!

Pros: The content is great, the functionality is amazing, the support team is second to none. Adding content, scheduling classes, and working with the software is pretty intuitive and easy to use. The Live Content Studio is what puts TutorPro above all other LMS platforms as well. I highly recommend TutorPro without any hesitation.

Cons: Took a bit of time to learn the back-end maneuverability, but the training team was great and support is very responsive.

Overall: We purchased TutorPro because we did not have an existing LMS and needed a tool to support our new hire program and deployment of a desktop and software upgrade project. The ability to automate our training calendar, enrollment, tracking and reporting was of paramount importance to us. We found that TutorPro provided all of these things at a very good value compared to other LMS we researched.Pros: Getting started with setting-up our LMS was fairly intuitive. We received training from the TutorPro team prior to working on setting-up our LMS and supporting documentation was also very helpful. We honestly figured out most things by trying different approaches. Customer support throughout the process was outstanding.Cons: There were a few design features that didn’t match up with how we wanted to use some of the functionality. However, after discussing with Customer Support, we either found a work around, or they added the feature request for future enhancement consideration

Kristin G.
Global IT Learning & Development Manager

“TutorPro is great with core LMS functionality – don’t take that for granted”

Nick Stanzani, Director of Learning and Development.

Overall: TutorPro is so solid with the core functionality, it’s usage extends far beyond just the L&D department. The course library and calendaring feature are used heavily by many of our departments. I have over 20 years experience in using and administering Learning Management Systems… TutorPro is my all time favorite.

Pros: Ease of use and solid set of core features; i.e. library of courses, solid calendaring, and solid user management

Cons: could be better with automated email flexibility and configurable interface

“Sleek and Easily-Customized Interface”

Douglas Lusk, President/CEO

Overall: We have been using prior versions of the TutorPro LMS for the last 4 years. I have been reluctant to migrate to their recent version because I was so in love with the version 2.0 that we were previously using. After months of TutorPro’s assurances and coaxing, I finally made the switch to v3.0. It was everything I loved about 2.0 and so much more!

Pros: The home page can by customized to fit my specific needs and desired workflow. The analytics tool allows for easily tracking user progress and interaction with the LMS. The courseware dashboard is visually appealing and users can quickly ascertain their progress level through the training.

Cons: I was not a big fan of the home page layout (only because I didn’t use all the features they offered), but their recent update makes the home page completely customizable and my complaint is no longer relevant.

“Worth It’s Price in Gold!”

Overall: TutoPro LMS affords our firm the ability to run compliance reports for firm-wide initiatives, automate our onboarding process through the assignment of learning paths and provided us with scheduling and reporting features necessary to maintain an accurate account of user history.Pros: Every two years, we scour the markets for other LMS’s to compare to TutorPro. TutorPro continues to earn our business due to the ease of use of the product, clean interface and for superior support of their product.Cons: This is a difficult question to answer, because any suggestions that have been made to make the administration or user experience easier has or is slated in a future feature upgrade.

Carmen J.
Senior Manager, Learning & Employee Development

“Nothing better out there!”

Pros: Where do I begin? This product is easy to use, customizable, fully featured and the customer service is exemplary to boot!Cons: N/A- Everything I’ve used so far has exceeded my expectations.Reasons for Choosing TutorPro LMS: Cost, ease of use, flexibility and customization options made this a clear winner.Reasons for Switching to TutorPro LMS: User Interface, ease of use

Donna Lane, Training Manager. Crowell & Moring LLP

“LMS With Ease”

Overall: Since it is cloud based, our setup experience was a piece of cake. The admin training was comprehensive and the support was incredibly responsive when I did have a question about something.Pros: It was cloud based, it was easy to add material to, very flexible in terms of what I could do with it.Cons: As this was during a time with a previous employer, I don’t actually recall any negatives. We used it in the office as well as giving access to it to all of our temps when they needed to up-skill themselves for a client project.

Monica S.
Director of Training