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Why TutorPro is the Chosen Technology Partner for NSLT’s Curriculum

Why TutorPro is the Chosen Technology Partner for NSLT’s Curriculum


Doug is a professor and the Founder & CEO of NSLT. The journey started in 2015 as a student organization with Doug still at law school, he and the other students took it upon themselves to learn new software. Fast forward to the present day and the NSLT is now the chosen and required curriculum supporting more than 200 law schools and paralegal programs, with over 15,000 courses being launched a day. Doug speaks candidly about how the partnership with TutorPro came about and transformed the delivery of NSLT courses. What started off with a phone call whilst watching his son play basketball, has blossomed into a relationship where Doug feels like extended family.

Having tried and tested multiple software solutions, TutorPro became the chosen technology provider, due to their forward-thinking and visionary software. The way in which TutorPro was able to take complex tasks and teach them in a way that students could understand, meant that uptake soared and learning retention skyrocketed. The most recent launch of a certificate to support eDiscovery has revolutionized the way eDiscovery is taught, whilst the LMS enables the right conversations between NSLT and the students.

Doug loves legal technology and TutorPro supports the NSLT vision, creating a phenomenal partnership that has transformed how law schools and paralegal programs teach technology.