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Our mission is to provide an industry leading technology ecosystem, empowering businesses to solve learning and development challenges. We develop innovative software solutions that inspires employees, students and instructors to engage, build skills and share knowledge.

Our Technology Ecosystem

We are celebrating our 30th year in business! TutorPro was a traditional eLearning company for many years. We have now transitioned into developing innovative software solutions, to solve learning and development challenges. Our technology ecosystem can work independently, or you can build upon the core solution, in order to expand the system to allow for new uses. Come join our Client Family!

Learning Management System

TutorPro LMS is feature-rich and cutting-edge. Intuitive user journeys, ensuring learners continue to engage, and administrative tasks are made effortless. Built for businesses of any size, it’s the perfect hub to support firm-wide training. Learn More

Content Creation Tool

Our innovative tool increases user engagement and proficiency by allowing the learner to complete tasks step-by-step, in real time, within any Windows application. No simulations or video. Learn More

Performance Support

Take all your resources, and information, and make them easily accessible at the moment of need. Provide your learners with what they need, when they need it, in real time. Learn More

eLearning & Assessments

Our courseware library offers application training, Business Skills and Security Awareness Training. We also offer Microsoft Assessments, Custom Development & LTC4 Core Competencies. Learn More

Why choose TutorPro
to solve your challenges?

Client Centric

Team TutorPro pride themselves in exceptional customer service. We embrace our clients as part of our Client Family. We don't count support hours, whether you're reporting an issue, have a feature request or just want to sound out a scenario. Call or email us anytime!

Client Driven Development

When a feature request is submitted from our Client Family, we never presume to know what you want! We work together to scope thoroughly, before we begin development.

Developed In-House

We do not outsource any development. Every part of our technology ecosystem is developed in-house, by our team of awesome developers!


We previously used simulations to assess our learners. This isn’t really an authentic assessment. Also, we were not always able to allow for multiple correct responses. We were thrilled when we saw that TutorPro Live Content Studio will allow us to assess users in the live application, without prompting an answer at any point, and that it allows us to award credit to the learner for the use of any correct method. This provides an honest evaluation of a learner’s current level of proficiency.


Many of the products I viewed were basic, had a few “bells and whistles,” and perhaps would have sufficed. Then I contacted TutorPro (cue the angels singing in the background). We have seen several demos of different aspects of the platform, have asked for more demos to get our Recruiting & Development Director and Human Resources Director on board, and our mouths all were literally hanging open. With each demo and each click of the mouse we have become more and more impressed. Regarding the functionality itself, certainly the TutorPro LMS provides reporting capabilities and content provision. I certainly wouldn’t consider buying a car that doesn’t have wheels, so these aspects of the product are standard.


A key benefit to the program is the huge uptick in use of the eLearning materials. There has been a 264% increase in use of the eLearning content.


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