TutorPro LMS Moves to HTML5

This week Team TutorPro has some big news to share, we are moving our LMS to HTML5. Why have we waited until now to do this? Have we just been busy with other things, or ignoring the march of progress? No, absolutely not. It has been a carefully considered decision. Until January this year Microsoft supported versions of Internet Explorer that aren’t compatible with HTML5. In January they ceased supporting those versions.


We spoke to some client family members at ILTACON (International Legal Technology Association Conference) this year, as well as a few of our potential client family members. They requested that we finish developing the new ‘Course Rating’ feature and then move to HTML5. They also asked that we incorporate gamification into the HTML5 version, rather than developing more features in the current version.

After reaching out to our other clients and confirming that everyone will be using the latest versions of the browser by early 2017, we now believe the time is right to move to HTML5. This means we haven’t left any clients behind, or tried to force them to upgrade their own systems before they are comfortable with doing so. We don’t like the idea of forcing a member of our client family to change the way they work, we want to ensure we’re always working with them to enable change.


As you can tell this is a complicated decision to take, ensuring that the desire for innovation is balanced against the need to bring our client family with us and not alienate any members. We believe we’ve struck the correct balance and look forward to bringing you the shiny new-look TutorPro LMS in HTML5 by June 2017 just when you’d like it, but before you’re crying out for it!

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