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TutorPro Live Content Studio

Reduce training time and increase engagement by creating learning and assessments with a difference.  Guide users through the workflow, step by step, in the application. It’s easy to learn any task in any software application. Empower your learners to be taught when they actually need to know what to do.  “Train users live, in real time… What does that really mean?!” Imagine someone stood behind you pointing at your screen, instructing you to click here, click there, showing you how to do something in an application. THAT’s Live Content. It’s a technology coach.

Live Learning, Live Support…

Live Content will automatically proceed and work along with the learner, during workflow. Simplify the users experience, and complex processes become straightforward.  Reduce the room for error with the use of balloon tips. Once the learning module is complete, they can continue with the task in hand. Productivity will soar! 

Live Assessment, Detailed Results…

For every assessment Live Content Studio provides a click-by-click report of each mouse event and keyboard stroke. These results are instantly available to the candidate and the assessor. There is no other tool that you can use to create assessments across multiple applications, with no simulation. Map your learning resources to the assessment, providing learners immediate access to relevant modules to close that knowledge gap.

Creating Live Content…

You perform the workflow, Live Content Studio records the steps. You type the instructions; Live Content Studio adds the balloon tips… Click Publish! That’s it!