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Live Content Studio

Do you want to increase training ROI? Do your employees complain when learning takes them away from their work? Do you want assessments to be empowering, not scary?! All content created using Live Content Studio is delivered to the learner in a real application, not in a simulated environment.

Live Learning, Live Support

Training and supporting the learner as they work in a real application reduces training time, increases engagement and return on investment. Create content that gives workplace learners the support they need, when they need it!

Live Assessment, Detailed Results

For every assessment Live Content Studio provides a click-by-click report of each mouse event and keyboard stroke. These results are instantly available to the candidate and the assessor.

Creating Live Content

You perform the workflow, Live Content Studio records the steps. You type the instructions, Live Content Studio adds the balloon tips… Click Publish! That’s it! 


“We previously used simulations to assess our learners. This isn’t really an authentic assessment. Also, we were not always able to allow for multiple correct responses. We were thrilled when we saw that TutorPro Live Content Studio will allow us to assess users in the live application, without prompting an answer at any point, and that it allows us to award credit to the learner for the use of any correct method. This provides an honest evaluation of a learner’s current level of proficiency.”

Tony Gerdes – Learning & Development Manager – Offit Kurman.

“Being able to create both training and assessments which use the live application is incredibly useful and has allowed us to move away from static tutorials and multiple choice, or worse, manually scored assessments.”

Jordon Flato – Technical Trainer – Farella Braun + Martel LLP

“Our Live Content Studio supported assessment program has led to a 264% increase in engagement with eLearning.”

Lida Pinkham – Technology Training Manager – Ice Miller LLP

“Live Content Studio has allowed us to produce live in-application tutorials to all in the firm and across all systems, bespoke or otherwise, greatly reducing the time to learn new software”
Andrew Woolfson – Director of Knowledge Management – RPC
“Having reviewed a range of eLearning content and authoring tools to support our new LMS, we stopped looking as soon as we were provided with a demonstration of Live Content Studio. The ability to be able to easily create intuitive and engaging eLearning modules and assessments that run within the application was exactly what we were looking for.”
Jan Holmes – Head of IT Training – Clyde & Co.

Technical Information

Content developed with Live Content Studio will play in Internet Explorer and Chrome. We recommend running Windows 7 or later. 

Live Content Studio is supported by TutorPro LTD on the following editions of Windows 10: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and/or Windows 10 Enterprise. Live Content Studio is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including – Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and any following Long-Term Servicing branch(es).