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TutorPro eLearning & Assessments

Whether you’re looking for interactive tutorials on complex workflow software, or micro modules on common workplace applications, our off-the-shelf TutorPro eLearning is the perfect solution. It is the world’s only corporate eLearning and assessment library that provides a blended library of traditional application simulation, and innovative live content, as standard.

Application Simulation for Application Training…

Application modules are interactive and engaging. Audio is included with all of the latest content, along with Job Aids/Reference Guides and Instructor Led Training Handouts. Each module is accompanied by a knowledge check to increase information retention.  Separating the learning and knowledge check allows learners to test out, and focus on building skills where there may be a knowledge gap.

Live Content for Application Training…

Live Content will automatically proceed and work with the learner, during workflow. Simplify the users experience, and complex processes become straightforward.  Reduce the room for error with the use of balloon tips. Once the learning module is complete, they can continue with the task in hand. Productivity will soar! 

Live Content Assessments

Use TutorPro’s Office assessments for pre-hire, new-hire or to identify a baseline skill level. Let learners complete the assessment workflow, across multiple applications, using any method. For every assessment Live Content Studio provides a click-by-click report of each mouse event and keyboard stroke. These results are instantly available to the candidate and the assessor.

Office assessments aren’t what you’re looking for? We develop custom assessments and LTC4 Core Competencies too!

Business Skills

The Business Skills Library is provided by our partner Enspark. The extensive library includes Leadership Training, Management Training and courses to help employee improvement. Not forgetting all the information HR need to hire, administer and train personnel. All courses can be branded to include your logo and they are SCORM compliant.

Security Awareness

Transform corporate culture, nurture and enhance workforce skills.  TutorPro partners with Inspired Learning to bring you a Security Awareness library, which includes Cyber Security, Phishing and GDPR training.